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This week @   April 16, 2012

Weekly Torah Portion: Tazria/Metzora


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Stress Management

BX 953

by Braunstein, Rebbitzen Zehava A"H

Stress is a common condition that can cause personal health problems and the unraveling of relationships. How can we avoid, or at least reduce the negative effects it has on us? Mrs. Braunstein weighs in with Jewish wisdom: to side step our self-made stress, to keep our priorities in perspective, and to maintain a semblance of inner calm, even during times of upheaval.



Insights Into the Holocaust

GA 852
by Geller, Rabbi Avi

Each year (this week on Thursday) we mourn the vast destruction of European Jewry. Rabbi Geller shares a few ideas and follows people who managed to hold onto their faith despite living through this man-made hell. How can we fathom God’s attribute of justice, and His face being so hidden? And how did the enlightenment movement affect the picture of Jewry at that time?



Getting a Handle on Your Anger

KJ 958

by Krohn, Rabbi Paysach

The intensity of ones anger is so overwhelming as to hurt not only the one out of control but all those within range. Rabbi Krohn's powerful presentation on this injurious trait shows how haste, jealousy, and impatience can corrode every level of relationship we have with others.



Tazria-HaChodesh: Partners With God

KI 027 B

by Kahn, Rabbi Ari

Accepting the Torah means we are, on some level, partners with God. This is expressed through our capacity to establishment the beginning of each new month. How does the newness of spring, the reaching out with Chesed (kindness), and the building of the Mishkan (Tabernacle) express this idea of taking responsibility for a better world?

Editor's Pick



Like Sheep to the Slaughter

WY 852 A
by Weinberg, Rav Yaakov zt"l

Perhaps the metaphor of Jews 'going like sheep to the slaughter' was a clever way for non-religious Zionists to dismiss 2,000 years of Jewish history in order to embrace secular values? Rav Weinberg explains the importance of scrutinizing this 'exaggerated canard' rather than sheepishly accepting the popular tale that a wimpy flock was led to its own destruction.

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