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Introductory or Advanced
Jewish mp3 Library


Includes 3 free months of AishAudio to-go
Only $59 - a $148 value
Free 1 GB Sansa Clip
  mp3 Player (worth $55)
  Specs below
mp3 player loaded with
Jewish History
  Crash Course
  33 classes (worth $63)
Write-up below
3 Months of pre-paid
  downloads - 10 units/mo.
  (worth $30)

Upgrade to 2 GB
2 GB mp3 player loaded
with Jewish History
  Crash Course
3 Months of pre-paid
  downloads - 10 units/mo.
Add $25
Beam all your mp3
  players to your car radio
  through the headphone
  jack. Specs below
Add $29.95 to 3 Month
  1 GB player Super Deal

Upgrade to 2 GB
plus Beamer
FM Beamer
Add $29.95 to 3 Month
  2 GB player Upgrade


SANDISK 1GB Sansa Clip mp3 Player
"The tiny player with the big sound."
  • 1 GB memory plays over 16 hours of MP3 (32 hours of WMA) music (over 240 MP3/ 480 WMA songs)
  • Includes MP3 player, Clip accessory, USB 2.0 transfer cable, Earphones, Quick start guide, Installation CD with user guide.
  • Up to 15 hours continuous playback using internal rechargeable battery
  • Supports MP3, WMA, secure WMA, and Audible audio file formats
  • Hi-speed USB 2.0 port for fast and easy transfer of files
  • Includes digital FM tuner with 20 preset stations voice recorder with built-in microphone.
  • Mfr. Warranty: 2 YEARS
  • Dimensions: Just 2.17"x1.35"x.65"
Wireless Audio FM Beamer
Beams audio from mp3 player to your car radio – like magic.
  • Car power adapter
  • Up to 18 hours with AAA battery Auto on-off
  • Just set your radio FM station to the same number on your beaming device and – like magic – your favorite audio will play loud and clear over your radio, without wires or static.