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  • First site dedicated to Jewish digital audio downloads
  • Largest selection of prominent Rabbis and Jewish thinkers in digital audio format (over 100 speakers on the site)
  • Turns commuting time into learning time
  • Over 1600 classes on-line with 4 new releases weekly
  • Beginners to Advanced classes on holidays, relationships, spirituality and more
  • Class delivery is 24/6 on-demand, ready when the listener wants, not just when the store is open
  • Aishaudio classes are always in stock because they are always on-line
  • Listen to 350 titles on site for FREE streaming at high sound quality
  • Rapid download of mp3 classes to listen on computer, burn to cd, or transfer to mp3 player
  • Annual membership includes Sansa 512 MB mp3 player and the Crash Course in Jewish History
  • Aishaudio download classes cost 70% less than our tapes and CDs
  • Our Sansa MP3 player holds up to 120 hours of classes
  • MP3 players eliminates cd and tape clutter
  • Listen with a headset, or beam mp3 audio to car or home FM radio with a low cost FM beamer
  • Site is easy to access and navigate
  • A project of Voices from Jerusalem, a leader in Jewish content tapes & cd production with 4,000 titles in its sales catalog and 750,000 tapes sold to date

What is MP3 Listening?

Mp3 has become the short-hand term for the industry-accepted process of compressing audio files to make them small enough to send over the Internet. Audio-classes, books, and music can be downloaded to your computer in a matter of seconds or minutes. For example, on a regular cd, a 4-minute song will use 40 mb of space, or 1/20th of a cd’s capacity. With mp3, it can be compressed to only 4mb, or 1/200th of a cd’s capacity. Now any home computer can download, play and store multiple classes and songs.Day or night, in seconds, you can click on a class and hear it free online at your computer. The software is free and is usually built in. You also can download a 1-hour class in minutes to your computer, and then burn it to a cd, or transfer the file to a portable mp3 player that is connected by a simple patch cord to your computer. In a very short time, you can have hours of Jewish wisdom to go.

The Sandisk Sansa 512 MB mp3 player is free with an annual membership to This little machine eliminates the need for tapes and cds and holds up to 120 hours of classes. Listen through earphones or beam the sound through your car stereo. This top rated mp3 player features a 'resume' feature so you can pick up with your class right where you left off. It has a built-in microphone to record up to 3 hours of classes or meetings, as well as personal voice messages.

Voices from Jerusalem & Aish HaTorah is a division of Aish HaTorah International, an apolitical, international network of Jewish educational centers, providing Jews of all backgrounds with innovative opportunities to discover the wisdom and beauty of their heritage in an atmosphere of open inquiry and mutual respect. More than 200,000 people enrich their lives every year through our audio classes, classes and programs at our 30 branches in 8 countries, and seminars that travel the U.S. The website welcome close to 1 million visitors each month.

Rabbi Aaron Dayan, COO, is a pioneer in the business of Jewish audio classes. Twenty-five years ago, he founded “Voices from Jerusalem” at Aish HaTorah, growing the business to a sales catalog of 4000 titles by leading Jewish thinkers from around the world. Voices have sold 750,000 tapes and cds to Jews and non-Jews from around the globe. Its high tech digital audio studio in Jerusalem is in constant use, digitizing the catalog and mastering classic tapes and recording new material for distribution on“ is the next step in making Jewish wisdom accessible to people, wherever they are,” said Rabbi Dayan. “ Media on-demand delivery is the latest trend in entertainment and is beginning to hit the world of learning as well. is ready for whoever is looking for Jewish wisdom.”

Key Staff:

Rabbi Aaron Dayan
Chief Operating Officer
(972-2) 628-5666 x231

Rabbi Chaim Dubin
Director of Web Operations
(845) 425-8255

Aliza Dubin
Director of Public Relations
(973) 249-0591

Jewish Wisdom to go couldn’t be any easier.