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Intro 2 Cart Unit 
KE 832
The fact that Christianity was born from Judaism is well known, but few know what key concepts we differ on, and why - such as Messiah. Rabbi Spiro traces the steps of several failed and false Messiahs. Also hear why the Roman Empire was a very fertile environment for Christianity to take root in.
Intro 2 Cart Unit 
KY 079 H
When faced with difficult and painful circumstances, what can help us accept and learn from them? Hear how King David worked through his own times of physical, psychological, and emotional anguish that began with feelings of frustration and despair, and led to his asking for more life to reach his potential.
Intro 2 Cart Unit 
AL 630 C

Far from the view that traditional Jewish women are drudges chained to their kitchen and diaper pail, a more accurate way to describe them is like that of an officer directing troop movement from a command post. Lisa Aiken flips the notion that Judaism strips its women of their power, and proves how their influence effects major change. Another disturbing question she tackles is why women are excluded from time bound mitzvot such as tefillin and tzitzis?

Intro/Adv 2 Cart Unit 
WN 544 B
What is the unrelenting attraction of Yom Kippur that draws hordes of unaffiliated Jews into shuls to fast and pray? It's the power of change. Learn a effective way to examine yourself and pinpoint which areas are most worthwhile for you to work on.