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Title Match: Berkovits, Rav Yitzchak
Berkovits, Rav Yitzchak on  aishAudio
Berkovits, Rav Yitzchak Rav Yitzchak Berkovits, founder and director of The Jerusalem Kollel (, is a widely respected authority on Halachah and well known for his telephone tapes on Shmiras Halashon. He is well known as a teacher and lecturer throughout Jerusalem and was ordained at the Mirrer Yeshiva, Jerusalem.
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A powerful force in the Jewish world today is Chassidus. Hear the origins of this influential mystical movement, and find out how the kabbalah of the Ari, Shabtai Tzvi, the Vilna Gaon, and the Baal Shem Tov transformed the fabric of Jewish belief and practice. This fascinating class explores the controversies and the success of Chassidus, and how it grew into a vibrant, independent movement.
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